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Sideways Empty Sideways

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:19 am

Strength 4
Intelligence 7
Speed 7
Endurance 5
Rank 3
Courage 4
Firepower 3
Skill 4

Before the war, Sideways was a simple courier, not exactly a career demanding massive levels of courage. This means that in the battle against the Autobots, Sideways prefers to team up with larger Decepticons. This way, his target-friendly companion takes all the heat! In fact, he generally shuns combat entirely. He's not a courageous fellow. But when he absolutely must face the enemy, he eagerly deploys the spinning saw blades on his arms.
Since he's arrived on Earth, Sideways has started hanging out with the mountainous Demolishor. There are few larger Decepticons to lurk in the shadow of!


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