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Long ago, Topspin felt the sensation of pain and terror, culminating in smoke and twisted metal, and finally darkness. Whatever traumatic experience happened to him during that time, it left him drained of will, emotion, and the memories of his past. He does, however, still remember his supernatural ability to manipulate the very spark within each Cybertronian. He can safely transfer a spark between bodies, or split one into multiple pieces without damage. But if he's angered, he can also use his ability as a terrible weapon to violently rip out a spark with a mere thought.
He also is certain that some great reward awaits him, if he can just find the right person to lead him to it. To reach this reward, he will habitually find a charismatic, powerful leader in whom to invest all his faith. He will commit unwavering loyalty to this leader, but if he does not receive the same loyalty in return, the recommended action is to seek serious cover. Topspin does not take rejection well.
His current leader is Alpha Trion, whom Topspin found when he awoke on the transit pads in Axiom Nexus, after long years of drifting through space due to a battle. He could sense that this was a powerful personality who would finally lead him to his reward. And it's true, Trion knows Topspin's true identity—that he's part of an ancient, powerful combiner along with his four gestalt brothers—and he promises Topspin will get his long-sought-after reward. Trion has his own plans for Topspin and his brothers once "reunification" is complete, however...


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