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The Silverado-type Chevy Autobot is a big brawler with massive strength. It much prefers to get in and smash opponents with his bare hands than use any fancy-schmancy weapons or strategy.
It transforms into a Chevrolet Silverado. (whip-crack!)

VEHICLE FEATURE: Reengineered Frame
AUTOBOT POWER: Enhanced Armor
The frame turns into upgradeable armor, allowing the Autobot to take less damage when struck by an attacker. However it also makes Silverado slightly easier to hit.

VEHICLE FEATURE: Advanced Common Rail Fuel Injection System
AUTOBOT POWER: Adrenaline Rush
The injection system increases Silverado HD’s operating efficiency, and gives him a boost to his ability to Evade.

VEHICLE FEATURE: Multiple Awards
2007 Motor Trend Truck of the Year™
2007 North American Truck of the Year
AUTOBOT POWER: Intimidation
Being one of the most honored and respected trucks on the road is bound to make other vehicles feel inadequate by comparison. As a Chevrolet Autobot, Silverado is downright menacing. Its powerful appearance can scare other vehicles senseless, throwing off their attack moves and making them easier to hit.


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