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Elita-One is the first of the female Transformer robots. Naturally, she receives a lot of attention, which by no means displeases her, but she's more than a pretty face. She's a cunning fighter and an excellent marksman, capable of hitting a target from at least four miles away. When it comes time to rely on more than her gun, she's able to emit an "attraction field" that can cause those without protection to overheat without warning.
One of Optimus Prime's closest and longest-serving officers, Elita-One shares his compassion and dedication for protecting the innocent and downtrodden. Every bit as skilled as she is compassionate, Elita-One is one of the Autobots' strongest leaders. Determined to protect the weaker from the ruthless Decepticons to the bitter end, she's a living definition of an Autobot.

Elita-1 has better things to do than hang out with her sister Arcee; she'd rather ditch her and go hook up with Sideswipe. He's super-cute and he is a car and he totally cut a guy in half this one time. They're not really heading out for dinner and a movie, though—they're hunting Decepticons, the more dangerous, the better. So when they run into the deadly bounty hunter Axor, it'll be a night to remember...and dismember.


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