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Mindwipe isn't like the other Decepticons. While they focus on attacking your body, he prefers to go for the mind. Using the power of hypnosis, he subverts the programming and wills of his opponents and directs them to perform his dirty work. This makes him very much a hands-off individual. Staying aloft and away from the action below, he allows his near-zombified minions to fight his battles for him. The only being immune to his abilities is Optimus Prime, the Matrix-bearer. But when the universe shuts a door, it opens a window, and if Mindwipe can't attack the Autobot leader directly...well, his nearest and dearest work just as well.
While his powers have a scientific basis, he likes to pretend they have spookier origins. Between that and his extensive knowledge of Cybertron's supernatural lore, he's able to scare the more supersticious Transformers into thinking he's some kind of boogeyman! His closest comrade is, unsurprisingly, Bludgeon the skull-faced samurai looker.


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