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Even the Decepticons are afraid of this guy, because once Lockdown has been hired to track down a subject, nothing stops him from completing his transaction short of total deactivation! Unfortunately for the Autobot medic, Ratchet is Lockdown's next target, and Lockdown, as always, has been paid handsomely for his destruction. He's also run afoul of Arcee previously, in some unspecified circumstance.
Using his Supercharger, he stores the kinetic energy from racing in his alternate form and uses it to boost his own speed for short bursts. This is his favorite device... because his favorite tactic is to catch up with targets and sink in his Capture Hook for the up-close-and-personal kill.
He trained Axor a long time ago, and the younger hunter has even rebuilt himself to better resemble Lockdown (though he denies it if you ask). He views his mentor as his closest comrade, which Lockdown has been willing to let him believe. His closest comrade is Megatron, cos that's who's currently paying him, in energon chips


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