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Bludgeon is a Metallikato martial-artist, loyal to the Decepticon cause and armed with an ancient blade handed down from ancient times. Underneath the samurai trappings though, he's a pretty straightforward 'con: he loves giving people a kicking, he's willing to fight dirty, and he doesn't give a fig about your complaints of immorality. Things like that, and his willingness to use a high-voltage electric cannon when fights go against him, are why other Metallikato users believe he's not a true master. But what does he care, he just shot you with a cannon!
One thing he does care about: he really, really gets focused on rivals and proving he's the best of them. If the rival defeats him, hey, he'll just find a new one to obsess over, no matter how much damage he took from the last.
He likes how Earth is full of innocent victims to use against Autobots, but he could do without all that disgusting greenery and water (urg!). It has other possibilities too: a smart, canny, dirty-fighting 'Con could lead his own faction if they played their cards right...


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