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Landquake has always been an unusual Decepticon at best. While he does possess a 'Con-like pragmatic craftiness, interest in battle, and instinctive distrust of anyone other than himself and his friends, he finds the constant in-fighting and bloodthirsty selfishness of the faction wearying. He also possesses a mastery of energon that some say goes past the capabilities of the Omnicons and Terrorcons, to almost supernatural levels of power. He can shape it in any number of ways, ranging from forging weapons and shielding (even against explosions) to powering his own systems, all with a touch of his hands, or sometimes with telekinetic force alone.
He had joined the Decepticons mainly because he had become bored with his job as an energon refinement specialist in Kalis, after he caught wind of Megatron's raids of Mini-Con villages. He had hoped it would give him the military discipline he craved, and his short attention span—combined with his daydreams for glory and adventure—further made him susceptible to the lure of Megatron's campaign. However, he soon found that Megatron was actually only interested in his own solipsistic plans, and Landquake once again became bored and disillusioned.
Then a chance meeting with the Autobot Skyfall finally showed him that his restlessness, unusual powers, and strange yearnings might mean he had a great purpose after all. He now finds himself with a new direction in life—to find out more about this ancient combiner he apparently is a part of, seek out the rest of his gestalt brethren, and claim his destiny.


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