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Post  Admin on Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:50 pm

Brought to life by the creative energies of the All Spark, Dead End sought the guidance of Barricade in the fine art of being a Decepticon. Barricade proceeded to beat poor Dead End senseless, and that creep Frenzy slashed his tires. That was the only lesson he got... and he clearly got the message.
And he hates Swindle for whatever reason.

Dead End is as creepy as they come. He crawls on all fours and keeps to the shadows so his optics will glow creepily. He isn't really capable of carrying on an ordinary conversation, and when he has something to say at all, it is something strange or gloomy. And when he wants to recharge, he siphons off the fuel from other Transformers.
As a result, he's not very popular among his fellow Decepticons. They know that if there's no Autobots to feed on, Dead End will sneak over while they're recharging and start feeding on them...


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