Insecticon, Microcon, Reedman [Last 2 Go w/ Ravage]

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Insecticon, Microcon, Reedman [Last 2 Go w/ Ravage]

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:44 pm

The Insecticons are robotic insects, capable of implanting cerebro-strips into the heads of victims; this allows the Insecticon's master to mentally manipulate and control the victims remotely. Whether the Insecticons are sentient or merely a drone race is unknown

The microcons are swarms of little robots shaped like ball bearings, which unfold to reveal the robot hidden inside.

Reedman is the form taken by a swarm of microcons when they combine together. The combined, mantis-like form is razor-thin, allowing for nigh-invisibility when seen from certain angles


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