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Dreadwing isn't particularly smart, which makes people wonder where he got the technology that allows him to teleport. He obviously didn't invent it himself, and no one else on either side of the war has the ability, so all signs point toward him having stolen it. He's not really liked by his fellow Decepticons, because of his penchant to perform nasty pranks on them as often as he does it on Autobots. As such, most of his time is spent alone, plotting his nasty schemes and spiking other robots' gas tanks with sugar. He's not the first one to pull off stunts like that.
Dreadwing was once a Class Alpha drone unit but eventually became a warrior himself and placed in command of the rest of the Class Alpha drones. This gives him a lot of pull with the 'Cons, due to the sheer number of warriors he can call in, and he follows orders eagerly and without question. However, he wants to contribute more to the Decepticon cause, but feels that the higher ups won't give him a chance to really prove himself. He's still frustrated that he wasn't asked to accompany his fellow Decepticons to Earth to search for the Allspark, and he's taking it pretty hard. Really hard.


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